Führung& Verkostung

Visiting Castell Miquel

The only bodega on Majorca located on a hillside is looking forward to your visit! In our own showroom and shop you can experience the whole diversity of the exquisite Castell Miquel selection – from wine to exquisite delicacies, mostly from our own production.

Treat yourself to a wine tasting session on the sun terrace with typical tapas from the country against the splendid backdrop of the “Serra de Tramuntana” nature reserve. Afterwards, you can explore the terrain on your own, wander among the vines and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean island.

Discover our Grapes of Fame vines, each of which is dedicated to a particular person. Admire the impressive art work of the artist Tony Cragg, which – although conspicuous – harmonises perfectly with the landscape. And choose your personal favourite wine from the entire collection!


Guided tour of the vineyard

We offer guided tours followed by a wine tasting session by pre-arrangement. There you will learn more about the history of the vineyard and the cultivation of the grapes in this unique location. In addition, you will experience on site how genuine top quality wines are produced from the best grapes through the use of state-of-the-art cellar technology and how the different aromas are composed by hand with a great deal of expertise and skill.


For the visit a previous reservation is necessary. Please send us your inquiry using our contact form.