Tony Cragg at Castell Miquel

The dynamic interplay of material, surface and form is typical of the sculptures of artist and sculptor Tony Cragg. Prof. Michael Popp, owner of Castell Miquel, was inspired by this form of art. Over the course of time this resulted in a deep creative connection between the renowned artist and the visionary pharmacist.

It is thanks to this friendship that today, in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains, a 6.6 metre-high and up to 2 metre-wide sculpture made of Majorcan marble rises up above Castell Miquel. This consists of more than 60 marble slabs, which have been combined into a work of art by a local stone mason according to Tony Cragg’s design.

The Castellet celebrates this unique friendship with a specially created wine: The strictly limited Tony Cragg Edition is an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon – and impresses not only through finely balanced aromas, but also through social commitment.