The Vineyard

Bodega, event location and a spectacular backdrop

In the middle of the Majorcan Tramuntana nature reserve, near the west coast of the island, is the unique Castell Miquel vineyard. It is the only bodega which is located on a slope: The Stairway to Heaven. A picturesque location, surrounded by lush greenery and rugged mountain slopes.

Due to the impressive view and its proximity to Alaró and the excellent connection to the motorway, Castell Miquel is a first-class event location – and the origin of genuine first-class Majorcan wines which mature here from the grape to the finished wine.

Under the strict control of oenologist Núria Tudurí, only the best grapes are carefully harvested by hand at the perfect time. State-of-the-art cellar technology, years of experience and plenty of sensitivity are further guarantees of the outstanding quality of the Castell Miquel wines.

Already earlier vintages were honoured with many awards. The perfect incentive for the team to grow beyond themselves, for example with the new cuvées of the “Monte Sion” selection!