Stairway to Heaven

Varietal wines – original aromas from the island

The Stairway to Heaven selection is a seductive homage to the original taste of varietal wines. The soil is interspersed with nagelfluh, a lime-rich rock form which gives the wines a characteristic flavour. Our wine terraces benefit from the unique combination of the best hillside location and the heat-storing properties of the dry walls. Ideal preconditions for outstanding quality.

The “Stairway to Heaven” product line presents wines, all of which contain the unadulterated bouquet of the respective grape variety. Careful and gentle processing guarantee the highest quality – not least for this reason have the “Stairway to Heaven” wines received several awards for every vintage.

The acid, tannins and alcohol are well integrated as a result of the long ageing of the red wines over at least 12 months in barriques and the subsequent storage in the bottle. The wine takes on its individual character. A fullness of additional aromas which develop in the wine during the long storage period make the wines an unforgettable experience.