From varietal to cuvée – exquisite Majorcan wine

Hand-picked grapes, careful modern cellar technology, precise analytical methods and the experience of oenologist Núria Tudurí help our wines to acquire a good tannin structure and long storage potential. The aromas range from delicate vanilla tones, through blackcurrants and fresh figs to a touch of exotic spices – depending on the variety.

The numerous awards of the Castell Miquel wines show us that we are on the right track. And the feedback from our guests also motivates us always to produce the best possible end product from the sun-kissed grapes.

Our varietal “Stairway to Heaven” wines capture the original, unadulterated aroma of the particular grape variety and put the focus on their unmistakable character.

The still-young “Monte Sion” product line spoils the palate with innovative and finely tuned cuvées from various selected musts. Here, grape varieties whose aroma would be simply too intense unfold their incomparable aroma. Because the combination with other grape varieties reveals an incomparable bouquet – and the incomparable quality of a good cuvée.

Our commitment to perfection is also demonstrated by the manner in which we seal our wine with the innovative Vino-Lok system. This is a glass closure which does not affect the aromas of Castell Miquel wines, while at the same time preserving the stocks of the cork oak. We have converted our in-house filling line to this high-quality system for this specific purpose.

Find your personal favourite wine from Castell Miquel – directly on site or from one of our licensed dealers.